Make money
for your charity, school, cause, Church, retirement, project, ....self
& drive locals to support local businesses.

UrbanMaps create, print and supply stunning retro maps of your chosen suburb for fundraising. You choose a suburb and and sell the advertising space on the map, we then supply you the finished folded quality maps. You get a professional job and make from $8,400 once or more a year and promote locals to spend and support local businesses.
Well... your profit is totally up to you!

NextGen Framework

Step 1. Pick a Suburb

We will design the A3 size map/brochure for your suburb. Each map is individually custom drawn. We customise the map and information specifically to your suburb/s and send you high quality samples to make it easy to sell limited advertising spots.

Step 2. We Design, print and supply your quality Maps

We take care of all design, artwork and printing costs and deliver to you the finished folded urban map ready for you to distribute how ever you want. (See sample)

Latest Moffat Map

Stunning Graphics
NextGen Framework

Step 3. You make money once or more a year

Depending on your advertising selling skills you can repeat this once or multiple times a year. You can even have multiple urban maps – it’s up to you!

Benefits of UrbanMaps?

  • Urban Maps are managable size
  • Anyone can do it
  • You can have one or multiple area maps
  • You can do 1 or more editions a year
  • Finished product is shipped to you
  • Each map is unique to your area
  • You are the boss
  • Promote local to buy local
  • Locals find local businesses
  • You make money
  • Your charity makes money
  • You have exclusive rights to your area
  • Map printing and artwork is high quality
  • Visitors get to know your area
Start by making from
$8,400once or more every year


QTY PRINTED MAPS 5,000(min) 8,000 10,000 12,000 15,0000 20,0000
OUR PRICE $4,897.50 $5,533.50 $5,787 $6,123 $6,627 $7,291.55
YOUR AD SALES @ RRP $140 $13,340.50 $13,933.50 $14,187 $14,523 $15,027 $15,691.55
YOUR PROFIT (PER EDITION) $8,400 $8,400 $8,400 $8,400 $8,400 $8,400

To work out your own advertising mark-up a base rule is that there are 64 generous advertising line listing positions which allow business name, address, phone number & website address and any social media icons (See here) as well as an marker on the large inside map - Or you could break this area into block size adverts or even get a council or a business to sponsor the full project. How you choose to sell and how many editions per year is up to you.
The above prices included all charges - map design, artwork, proofing, Exclusive Rights, license for use of map, printing and delivery to most areas Australia wide. Larger quantity prices available on request. Prices do not include GST. All map designs remain property and Copyright of UrbanMaps.

Generous advertising line listing


Frequently Asked Questions

How much money can I make?
Well, that comes down to how much you sell adverting spots on the map - this can be the basic line listing (64 spots), block adverts or just a single sponsor to cover the costs as mentioned above. If you compare to advertising charges from other brochures, maps, booklets you will see that you can sell adverting for easily the RRP price of $140 and still be cheaper. You set your price and your profit!
How much does this cost me to get started?
As a commitment from you to your project & as we have to start designing and researching your chosen suburb - we require a payment of $2000+gst to get started (This amount will come off the above listed total price) - We will then ship to you quality map samples which makes it easy for you to sell advertings space from.
How do I get started?
Step 1. Contact us with your suburb of interest (Within Australia only) - we will check it out for planning (FREE) and reply and send you some questions and list of things we will require from you like points of interest, contact information etc.
Step2. On approval, We will email you an invoice for the $2000+gst to start - upon payment we will begin your map creation and send you proofs.
Step3. When the basics are in place, we will deliver to you some printed samples to make it easy for you to sell advertising from.
Step4. Send all advertsing listings contact details and other information and we will do final artwork draft ready to print for you to proof prior to print.
Step 5. Pay us the balance of the quantity (minus your $2000 deposit) and we will put to print and deliver.
Are there any restrictions?
We only offer this service to suburbs of Australia only. The only other restriction is the shape and size of the suburb as we must make it fit into an A3 area and still make street names clearly readable. We can quickly do this without cost to assess if it will work or not for your area. Just email us. We only allow one map per suburb. We will not do another map of the same suburb with another person. You will have exclusive rights.
How does payment work?
You are responsible and in charge of businesses and map area – If you are a school, business or charity then you can invoice your customers and they pay directly to you. Once all your spots are filled, we will add all these listings and send a final proof prior to print. Once go-ahead is given we will print and dispatch with tracking number. Full Payment of our charges is required prior to print.
If you require custom A5 size invoice books then we can arrange these for you and quote you on request.
Whats in it for Urban Maps?
As we are in the graphic design, printing and website industry - We created one for our own suburb in Moffat Beach on the Sunshine Coast. We were (and still) blown away by the response from local businesses and the public for the quality, unique design and practical use of the maps. We also found 99% of businesses didn’t hesitate to advertise when they saw the sample - so we thought why not make this opportunity available to other people who would like make some money for charities, schools etc or themselves. We control the design and quality and cover our costs and you make the cream on top – and that is totally up to you. Full terms are here.
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